What is a RCA Connector?

What is a RCA Connector?


An RCA connector is an electrical connector commonly used to transmit audio and video signals. RCA takes its name from the Radio Corporation of America, which introduced the design in the 1930s. Connector male and female jacks are called RCA plugs and RCA jacks.

What is a RCA Connector?
Male RCA connectors consist of a central contact pin and an outer sleeve, each of which can be crimped or soldered to the shield wire within the cable. Any given application typically requires multiple RCA cables, as each can only carry one audio or video signal. Systems with stereo audio and composite video require three RCA cables, while stereo audio with component video requires five. Modern high-definition video signals can be carried over analog RCA connectors, but digital signals require a different solution.

The RCA connector was invented in the 1940s and was originally used to connect amplifiers to phonographs. Due to their original use, they are sometimes called phono connectors, although they can be used to transmit audio and video from many different devices. By the 1950s, RCA connectors had largely replaced the Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) connectors in most hi-fi audio systems, and they remained popular even after the introduction of digital audio and video. Most audiovisual equipment is equipped with RCA connectors, as are some speakers.

There are two types of RCA connectors used together to make a solid electrical connection. Female RCA connectors are usually located on the device. These connectors typically protrude from the device and have one contact on the outer surface and another on the center. The male RCA connector is usually located at the end of the cable and contains an outer sleeve contact in addition to the center pin connection. There are many other configurations, such as extension cables with one male and one female RCA connectors, splitters that can connect the mono output to the stereo inputs, and a converter.

Each audio or video signal requires a separate RCA connector and cable, so the system can become very complex. Inputs, outputs, and even RCA cables can be color-coded to reduce confusion. A typical color scheme for RCA connectors is white and red for audio signals and yellow for composite video. White RCA connectors are also commonly used for individual audio channels in mono systems, while various other colors are often used for surround systems. Composite video typically uses red, green, and blue connectors, but some systems include yellow and white for horizontal and vertical sync.

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